Tim K Paine


J.P. Morgan

Athena Research - NYC, NY
Real time reactive analytics systems.
Data Science and Machine learning platform development.
Front Office Risk and Trade Analytics.

Columbia University

Adjunct Professor in Computer Science - NYC, NY
ENGI1006 Introduction to Computing for Engineers and Applied Scientists (Python)
COMS3101 Programming Languages (Python)
COMS3101 Programming Languages (C++)
COMS1005 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Matlab
COMS3136 Essential Data Structures in C and C++
CSEE 3827 Fundamentals of Computer Systems


Software Engineer - NYC, NY
High frequency/low latency trading systems.

Credit Suisse

Quantitative/Equities Intern - Tokyo, Japan
Predictive financial models using data mining and machine learning.


Software Group Intern - Dublin, OH
Developed and tested the frontend of a B2B app using various webdev frameworks.

Columbia University

Architecture and Design Lab Research Assistant - NYC, NY
Hardware Design/Verification/Synthesis and FPGA prototyping of a database accelerator.

Teaching Assistant - Columbia University - NYC, NY
Advanced Programming — Spring 2013, Fall 2013
Computer Architecture — Spring 2015
Fundamentals of Computer Systems — Fall 2013
Introduction to Combinatorics and Graph Theory — Fall 2012
Introduction to Computing for Scientists and Engineers — Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2015


M.S. - Computer Engineering - Columbia University - 2015

B.S. - Computer Engineering - Magna Cum Laude - Columbia University - 2015

B.A. - Mathematics and Computer Science - Columbia University - 2015


[1] L.Wu, A. Lottarini, T. Paine, M. Kim, K.Ross "Q100: The Architecture and Design of a Database Processing Unit." ASPLOS 2014: Nineteenth International Conference on Architecture Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems.


Programming Languages (proficient)

Java, C, C++, C#, Python, Verilog, SystemVerilog, SystemC, R, Matlab

Programming Languages (learning)

Javascript, Typescript, VHDL, OCaml, Clojure, Go, Ruby, Perl, Lua, Scala, Chisel

Web Development

HTML/CSS, Flask, Django, Nodejs, Underscore


Oracle, IBM DB2, Apache Derby, Postgres, MongoDB, MySQL, KDB+


*nix, OS X, Windows, Microsoft Office, LaTeX, Git, Svn, Hg, Github/Bitbucket, Vagrant, Virtualbox, Agile, VBA, Bloomberg Terminal, Hadoop (Yarn, HDFS, Pig, Hive, HBase, Oozie, Mahout), AWS, CUDA, OpenCL, Quartus/Modelsim/Altera Toolchain, Vivado/Xilinx Toolchain, Synopsys Design Compiler, Cadence C-to-Si/Forte

Relevant Courses

Computer Science

Algorithms, Combinatorics/Graph Theory, Operating Systems, Programming Languages and Translators, Databases, Cloud Computing & Big Data, Big Data Analytics, GPU Computing

Computer Engineering

Advanced Logic Design, Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Computer Hardware Design, System on Chip Platforms, Embedded Scalable Platforms


ODE, PDE, Modern Analysis, Modern Algebra, Topology


Business Japanese, Stochastic Modeling, Statistical Machine Learning, Quantitative Methods in Investment Management, Design and Agile Project Management Engineering Lab


Software Projects

See Here

Database Accelerator

A set of heterogenous hardware modules implementing relational algebra for database acceleration.

Fast Floating Point Processor

Hardware accelerator for extended range fast floating point processing.

Hardware Accelerator for Latent Dirichlet Allocation

Scalable set of topic modelling accelerators written in SystemC.

HW/SW Secure File Transfer System using RSA Encryption

PGP-like combination RSA/AES decryptor on a custom designed FPGA/Raspberry Pi board.


Recordings, musings


A pick of my favorite sessions.

Awards and Honors

Theodore R. Bashkow Award

2014 — Columbia University Computer Science Department

MSTA Scholarship

Full tuition for Master's Degree

Margarete E. Kennedy Estate Scholarship

2010 — Columbia University

Jerry and Evelyn Bishop Scholarship

2015 — Columbia University

Pre-college Honors

National Merit Scholarship Winner


Edward J. Bloustein Distinguished Scholar


AP Scholar


Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS)

Best in State — New Jersey — 2010

Panasonic Creative Design Challenge

Finalist — 2009,2010

All State Jazz Ensembles (Guitar)

New Jersey Youth Symphony (Violin)

YMCA Model United Nations

Secretary General, Vice Chair - European Union, Vice Chair - General Assembly, Conference on National Affairs (CONA) Selectee, Youth Governor’s Conference Attendee

A weekend long conference held in Hershey Park, PA, and attended by ~1600 HS students

I chaired two committees, and was elected in 2009 to lead the next conference as the Secretary General, where I was in charge of 40 committees and 1600 delegates

I directed the other officers, assisted in the planning of several major programs, including both a weekend-long charity drive and a mock “crisis” scenario.

I not only developed strong public speaking skills (debating in front of 1600 high school students is a daunting experience), but also learned critical leadership skills and gained global perspective

I was chosen to attend a conference in Washington, DC, where I spoke with congresspeople, senators, lobbyists, and other leaders in the capitol.

I attended CONA, a weeklong conference of the premier delegates from the various states

College Clubs and Activities


Brazilian Jazz Ensemble (Guitar), Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble (Guitar), Afro-Columbia Jazz Ensemble (Guitar)


Order of Omega Honor Society, IEEE, Application Development Initiative (ADI), Columbia Undergraduate Math Society, Columbia Japan Society (Webmaster), Knickerbocker Motorsports/FSAE


Columbia Ski Team, Columbia Judo Club (Vice President)

Beta Theta Pi Fraternity

Vice President, Treasurer, Recruitment Chair (2 Terms), House Manager, InterFraternity Council Representative, Webmaster