Timothy K. Paine


Software Engineering @ IEX



Head of Software Engineering - IEX Cloud - NYC, NY
Real time, high performance data and analytics.

J.P. Morgan

Vice President - Athena Research - NYC, NY
Real time, front office data and analytics.
Data Science and Machine learning platform development.

Columbia University

Adjunct Professor in Computer Science - NYC, NY
COMS4995 Open Source Development
COMS3136 Essential Data Structures in C and C++
CSEE 3827 Fundamentals of Computer Systems
COMS3101 Programming Languages (Python, C++)
ENGI1006 Introduction to Computing for Engineers and Applied Scientists (Python)
COMS1005 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Matlab


Software Engineer - NYC, NY
High frequency/low latency trading systems.

Credit Suisse

Quantitative/Equities Intern - Tokyo, Japan
Predictive financial models using data mining and machine learning.


M.S. - Computer Engineering - Columbia University - 2015

B.S. - Computer Engineering - Magna Cum Laude - Columbia University - 2015

B.A. - Mathematics and Computer Science - Columbia University - 2015


[1] L.Wu, A. Lottarini, T. Paine, M. Kim, K.Ross "Q100: The Architecture and Design of a Database Processing Unit." ASPLOS 2014: Nineteenth International Conference on Architecture Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems.